Rescue 1, a 2003 Medium Duty Braun Ambulance that did time on Boston. R1 is the primary response unit, containing needed emergency equipment for most EMS and rescue calls, including oxygen, backboards, portable suction, medications, and an AED (automated external defibrillator). We also carry basic rescue equipment, including a portable generator, built-in inverter, water/ ice rescue gear, helicopter landing zone markers, vehicle stabilization/ entry equipment, traffic control/ direction supplies, and spot & flood lights. R1 can also tow either boat.

Rescue 2, a 2002 Dodge Dakota, is 4-wheel drive, and has a trailer hitch for pulling the boats. Rescue 2 has basic medical supplies, including oxygen, backboards, portable suction, and additional water/ ice rescue equipment, as well as additional protective clothing, blankets, and traffic control/ direction supplies.